Arts, Music, and Theater in Saratoga

Saratoga's first music and drama performance were held in the Theatre-by-the-Glade on the hillsides of Saratoga Creek. These early productions launched the careers of Olivia de Haviland and her sister, Joan Fontaine. Today, Saratoga is home to several annual, internationally -renowned music and drama events. In addition, many community performing arts programs are available to local residents for their active participation.

Mountain Winery Summer Concert Series Villa Montalvo
Saratoga Civic Center Theatre West Valley College Theatre
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The Mountain Winery Summer Concert Series
14831 Pierce Road

The Mountain Winery, Paul Masson's "Vineyard in the Sky", has played host to famous food, wine and entertainment since 1905. In its heyday, the graceful vineyard and winery entertained the likes of Charlie Chaplin, John Steinbeck, Ansel Adams and General Ulysses S. Grant.

Today the Mountain Winery creates an elegant but relaxed setting for enjoying classical, jazz, folk, country and pop music "under the stars". The adjacent 1905 vintage home built by Paul Masson offers pre-performance food services. Call 741-0763.

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Villa Montalvo - California's Historic Estate for the Arts
15400 Montalvo Road
961 - 5800

California's Historic Estate for the Arts is located on 175 acres in the hills above Saratoga. The Villa was built in 1912 by James Duval Phelan, first popularly elected senator of California, mayor of San Francisco and avid patron of the arts. Montalvo's Performing Arts Season is only a part of the cultural activities at this historical landmark. The Artist Residency Program is one of the oldest in the United States and the Gallery at Montalvo offers monthly exhibits of arts of local and regional prominence. Literary offerings include the annual Young Writers Competition for local high school students and Biennial Poetry Competition.

In July of 1955, Villa Montalvo presented its first Annual Music Festival, which was patterned after those of Tanglewood and Aspen. It was noted that Montalvo was an excellent location for such an undertaking in California, and the Board's vision was acknowledged for establishing a festival worthy of national recognition.

Now, 40 years later, the tradition of showcasing world-class artists continues in splendid, outdoor settings. And whether it is the intimate Garden Theatre or the verdant two-acre front lawn, Montalvo blends the arts and the environment like no other place in the West.

There is a full range of arts at Montalvo, such as summer Performing Arts Camps for children and free exhibitions in the Gallery at Montalvo.

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Saratoga Civic Center Theatre
13777 Fruitvale Avenue
867 - 3438

This city-owned, 300-seat little theatre is used by the following groups - Gilbert and Sullivan (997-3755), the Saratoga Drama Group (255-0801) and West Valley Light Opera (268-3777).

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West Valley College Theatre
14000 Fruitvale Avenue
741 - 2058

The theatre features student music and drama productions.

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West Valley Masterworks Choral
14000 Fruitvale Avenue
867 - 2200

This community chorus is open to singers by audition.

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