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Saratoga is located in Santa Clara County, 26 miles east of the Pacific Coast, ten miles southwest of San Jose and fifty miles south of San Francisco. The city is situated in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains at an elevation of 500 feet.

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Saratoga's Mediterranean-like climate is typical of coastal northern California with year-round mild temperatures. The average temperatures May to October are 50-86 degrees (Fahrenheit) and November to April temperatures are 40 - 65 degrees (Fahrenheit). Rainfall averages 29 inches annually and usually occurs between November and April. Humidity is moderate to low. For access to current weather information, click here.

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Easy access to State Highways 9 and 17 links the city with Freeways 280, 101 and 85.


  • San Jose International - 408/277-5366
  • San Francisco International - 415/876-7809


65 Cahill, San Jose - 408/287-7462

Greyhound Bus

70 Alameda, San Jose - 800/231-2222

Santa Clara Transit District - 408/321-2300

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